Love & Healing: How Apryl Jones Got Her Groove Back

What does it truly mean to be a single mother, and how can we find healing and freedom in embracing our individual journeys? This week, we’re honored to have reality TV star and actress Apryl Jones join us to talk about healing after ending high-profile relationships and finding strength and resilience as a mom. As she opens up about her experiences, you’ll find yourself inspired by her in a new way!


Episode 5 – Season 3

In this conversation,  we talk about:

  • The challenges of postpartum anxiety 
  • How she found her way back to herself after a difficult breakup
  • Her unwavering commitment to self-care
  • Her relationship with Taye Diggs
  • How she openly communication with her children
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with supportive people

If you’ve ever struggled with feeling alone or overwhelmed as a single parent, then this is sure to remind you that your journey, and the experiences that come with it, are valid and absolutely worth celebrating.