It’s Giving Fatherhood: Tim Ross on Marriage, Manhood and Parentingk

We’re thrilled to welcome our very first dad on the show in honor of Father’s Day! Get ready for some unforgettable gems as we chat with the incomparable Tim Ross from the Basement Podcast about marriage, manhood, and fatherhood.


Episode 7 – Season 3

In this conversation, we talk about:

  • Communication between partners, especially during the challenging early days of parenthood
  • The fears and anxieties Tim faced as a new father 
  • How his parents influenced his role as a husband and father
  • How he found support through therapy and honest conversations with his wife.
  • How he and his wife faced their first miscarriage together

Join us as talk about fatherhood and manhood from the perspective of a dad, and the significance of supporting one another in our parenting journeys.