Flaws & All

Our final episode of Moms Actually Season 1 features Singer and Television personality, Tamar Braxton discussing Body Image.


Episode 8 – Season 1

Women are always being hit by something as it relates to our bodies, whether it is the Freshman 15, relationship weight or our bodies stretching and swagging after pregnancy and birth. In this world, it is nearly impossible to not be highly aware of the changes in our bodies and how they may not match up to what we see on social media or television. While we completely support plastic surgery, mommy makeovers, etc. we also realize that the changes we want to see have to start in our minds and hearts or we will never be satisfied. The self-love journey is not always an easy one and we are all still walking through it!  Have you had a hard time after birth falling in love (or like) with your body?


  • Self love and affirmations 
  • Comparing ourselves to other women and society standards 
  • Plastic Surgery/Mommy Makeovers
  • Motherhood and learning to be comfortable
  • Community support and friendships 
  • Single motherhood and dating 
  • Understanding who you are

“Wow! Just what I need as a first time mom. Subscribed and obsessed. Women who get it! “

Nissi J.C.

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