Infants and Intimacy Ft. Tammy Franklin and Carrington Franklin-Nakwaasah

We are back with some special guests! Please welcome Tammy Franklin and Carrington Franklin-Nakwaasah, the wife and daughter of Gospel-music legend, Kirk Franklin! Tammy and Carrington join us to discuss all things sex and intimacy after birth and even drop some gems about how to build a strong relationship with your children.


Episode 7 – Season 1

Have you had a hard time keeping things spicy with your partner after becoming a mom? We are sharing some tips to help you get back in the mood. We know it can be so easy to lose the motivation, confidence and overall spark in your relationship when you are busy changing diapers, raising children, working, cooking, running a household, etc… and usually while on very little sleep. 


  • Body confidence after giving birth 
  • Spontaneity of sex
  • Getting your sexy back 
  • Generational differences and what we can look forward to as empty nesters
  • Mother and daughter relationship goals 
  • What is “touched out”?