Dreams and Nightmares Ft. Codie Elaine Oliver

In this episode we are joined by Black Love co-creator, Codie Elaine Oliver to discuss our goals, purpose and passion and the journey toward reaching them after becoming a mom.


Episode 4 – Season 2

Becoming a mom doesn’t diminish the dreams we have for our lives, but it can certainly make them seem a little bit harder to achieve

Notes from the episode

  • Feeling stuck and trying to find a balance to get unstuck 
  • Remember what your passion and purpose is outside or in addition to your child(ren)
  • Don’t compare your passions and where you are in fulfilling your purpose with others 
  • The feeling that everyone else is doing something while it feels like you’re remaining stagnant 
  • Things that feel like failure can be blessings
  • Hearing “No” can lead you to figuring out your “Yes”