Championing Autism: From Parent to Advocate Ft. Ayumi Lashley

Hey MA! 💕 What does it feel like to not only advocate for your child’s autism diagnosis but to discover that you, too, have autism spectrum disorder?

Join us as we welcome Ayumi Lashley, a mother, autism advocate and social media influencer, who shares her personal journey of self-discovery and her fight for understanding and acceptance for both her daughter and herself in the world of neurodivergence.


Episode 4 – Season 3

Together, we explore:

  • The challenges that come with navigating a child’s autism diagnosis
  • The importance of recognizing the differences between children and adults with autism
  • The potentially harmful concept of “masking” and the pressure faced by individuals with autism to blend in with society
  • How we can work towards creating a more inclusive and understanding environment for everyone, regardless of their differences
  • Parenting a child with autism and the delicate balance between advocacy and instilling a sense of confidence and pride in our children’s unique identities

Ayumi shares her personal insights on teaching kindness and fostering empathy towards others, which leads to an eye-opening conversation that is not to be missed. Listen in to learn more about Ayumi Lashley’s autism advocacy  journey and the important message she has to share.